Accepting App Transfer Into Your Apple Developer Account

Feb 12, 2019

If you’re an existing customer and you now have your own Apple Developer Program Membership, the next step is to accept the transfer of your school app(s) into your school district Apple Developer Account. This involves submitting a simple form.

Accepting the Transfer

You should see this prompt when you sign in to App Store Connect. You can accept the transfer(s) on the Agreements, Tax, & Banking page.

Apple Prompt Screenshot

There are 3 sections to fill in:

New App Metadata

Accept Transfer - Screenshot Enter for both the Marketing URL and the Support URL.

App Review Contact Info


Trevor Cox
info @ 
App Store Contact Info.

Uncheck the option regarding the Korean App Store, and you can leave “Trade Rep Name” blank.

Set the “Company Name” to the name of your organization (i.e. school district) as you used for your Apple acccount. Also enter the address of the school district. This information is not published in the App Store listing.

What’s Next?

Appazur will continue to publish your apps for you. The only things you should need to do are:

  • Renew your membership each year.
  • Accept any future changes to Apple agreements.