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All of a student's classes and extra-curricular activities, all in one place!

Block Scheduling

Keep your school community in sync! We can handle any complexity of rotating block schedules.


A unified school, class, and extra-curricular calendar.

Class Schedules

App users will see their personalized schedule every day based on the classes that they (or their children) are enrolled in.

App Dashboard

Powerful admin features and unlimited staff accounts.

Digital Signage

The only Digital Signage solution with school/campus mobile app integration.

Homework Planner

Replace printed student agenda books with a digital solution including daily reminders.

iOS, Android, Chrome & Web Apps

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android native apps, a Chrome App and web app.


Your Appazur app includes a complete notification system that can replace or complement what you're doing today.

Offline Usage

Class schedules and block rotations.

Room Booking

The app and digital signage can display room bookings.

Student Handbook

Mobile-friendly documents at your student's fingertips, such as Code of Conduct.

Integrates with:

Blogs & RSS

Sync with your website's posts and events.

iPad and Chromebook 1:1 Programs

Your custom app will enhance your 1:1 device program.


Posts and events.

Google Apps for Education

Docs, Drive, Authentication, Calendar, Chrome App and more.

Google Calendar

The app calendar syncs with Google Calendar.

iCloud / iCalendar / vCalendar

The app calendar syncs with any iCalendar/vCalendar feed.

Locker Management

Students can sign up for a locker, and recover their forgotten locker combination.

Microsoft Outlook

The app calendar can sync with your Outlook calendars.


Moodle Mobile can be built in to your app.

Office 365 Education

Single Sign On with your student/staff Office 365 login.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Users can sign in to the app using an existing school account, such as G Suite for Education, Office365, Microsoft Active Directory, SAML, OAuth2, or SIS.


Makes Parent-Teacher Conference bookings easy!


Your Schoology calendar works with the app.


Sync with your website's posts and events.

Student Information System

Export class lists and other information from most Student Information Systems (SIS).


Your tweets can automatically be seen in the app, and optionally notify users.


Sync class websites with the app.

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