STEM/STEAM Partnership


With an Appazur STEM/STEAM partnership, your talented students can apply their creativity, school spirit, graphic design, software programming, and communication talents at a whole new level!

School-Branded Mobile App Students can help design, set up, and maintain a professionally-managed iOS/Android/ChomeOS app that will serve your community every day, year after year. Parents and students will have all the information they need at their fingertips, even offline!
Parent Communications A single unified communication system for everything from absence notifications, homework reminders, club promotions, parent notices, to emergency notifications. Dashboard access levels for everyone from responsible students to district staff.
Digital Signage (TV’s) If you don’t have Digital Signage yet, you can save $1,000’s with an Appazur Wi-Fi Digital Signage system; no video cable installation needed! Update your screens easily from any web browser. Students can upload slides (e.g. club promotions) for approval. News or Events (and block/period rotation) are displayed automatically, synced to your website or social media.
Social Media Your school is tweeting or posting to Facebook; now these posts will reach far more people via your school app’s news feed.
Assignments Planner Perfect for encouraging time-management skills with your tech-savvy students, the app’s planner feature includes due date reminder notifications.
Hall Passes No more paper notes! Students can set up their own hall pass on their mobile device.

Mobile App

Appazur delivers your own branded and customized mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones & tablets, and Chromebook. To include users without any of those, you’ll get a web app with email and text messaging as well! You’ll decide on your own app name for your custom app in the App Stores, with your choice of color scheme, feature set, menu names, and website link. And even after it is published you can add and update app content at any time. Do you want a mobile app, or just a mobile-optimized website? Some ways an app can add value:

Push / Text / Email

Phoning parents is no longer the best way to reach them!

The best way to reach students and parents is a single school mobile app for district, school, class/club/group, and individual messaging. With Appazur, parents and students who do not have iOS or Android devices can sign up for text message or email notifications, so it works for everyone!


The unified web-based dashboard can be used from any computer or mobile device, and has multiple access levels for administrators, instructors, and content editors. A single system means a reduced learning curve, and optional Single Sign On means that staff don’t need an additional password.

Wireless Digital Signage

The benefits of an integrated, wireless system include:

The system works with any HDMI-capable video monitor and a small Wi-Fi capable device. Devices can be purchased pre-configured by Appazur or you can set up your own. Using the unified web-based dashboard from any computer or mobile device, you can upload any content you like, link to a media server or YouTube, and create or edit your screens.

Management and Monitoring

The Dashboard includes detailed reporting so non-technical administrators can see exactly how the system is being used. What if a website news feed goes down, digital signage goes offline, or some other problem crops up? Your Appazur system is self-monitoring and sends you emails and push notifications when issues arise.

District Support

You can have a distinctly-branded school app for each school, with a separate dashboard for each one, as well as district-wide messaging, calendars and administration.


Appazur works with all your existing online content, so teachers and administrators don’t have to change how they work.

About Appazur Solutions

Appazur Solutions has provided branded school apps and digital signage as a service to schools and school districts across the USA and Canada since 2013. Our support and development teams are located in Raleigh-Durham, NC and Vancouver, BC providing service in all American time zones.


If you are the first in your district to sign up, Appazur has a special offer for STEM/STEAM programs. Contact us today!