Digital Hall Pass

For schools with a 1:1 tablet program, or for any school where students have access to devices, the digital Hall Pass is a streamlined system that’s easy for teachers, eliminates paper notes, and includes reporting capability.

Issuing Hall Passes

To maximize efficiency, the Hall Pass is designed to be set up by the student.

The student simply opens the app, picks Hall Pass from the menu, and then chooses their destination and the length of time required. He or she then hands the device to the teacher for authorization.

Authorization Key QR Code

To make the process even more efficient for teachers who do not always have a mobile device at hand, we suggest printing your Hall Pass Key QR Code on a sheet of paper. In the Dashboard, find your Hall Pass Key as described above, and click on it. This will bring up a printable QR Code.

In the student’s app, rather than typing in your Hall Pass Key, simply tap Scan and point the device camera at your QR Code.

Checking Hall Passes

Students can easily show their Hall Pass as required. They can keep the app open when they are in the hall and show the Hall Pass on demand, with the time remaining shown.