Your Appazur app includes a complete notification system that can replace or complement what you’re doing today, such as email lists, Remind (formerly Remind101), and even your school notification system that uses recorded voice.

Users opt-in to their preferred method of communication: app notifications, SMS text messages, or email. And parents and students can update their preferences at any time, so you don’t need to maintain an email list any more!

Email addresses change, and many students don’t use email regularly. Let students & parents opt in to fast and free Push Notifications, SMS text messages, or email, for their classes, teams and other groups.

The Notifications feature interacts with the user both through “Push Notifications” and viewing of past notifications. “Push Notifications”, on both iOS and Android, work even when the app is not open. When you send out a Push Notification, it may appear on the lock screen of each user’s phone, or in the notification bar at the top of their screen. The user can configure their device to control exactly how these notifications are presented (or they may be turned off).

In addition, within the app, recent notifications appear on the News screen.

Note that users select the classes they are interested in, and will only receive notifications for those classes. You can also send notifications to all app users or all staff. 

##New! Scheduled Notifications##

There are many times when you may want to set up an app notification to be sent at a later time. For example, a teacher may want to remind her class on the weekend or in the evening about a deadline, but prefer to set that up during work hours.

Whether notifying a class, club, the whole school community, or an individual, this new capability works the same way. When you Add a Notification in the Dashboard, you’ll see that the new “Scheduled For” box shows the current date and time:

Screenshot - Scheduled Notification

If you don’t want it to go out right away, simply change the date and time accordingly! You can confidently schedule messages for minutes, hours, days, or even months in the future.

You may recall that if you uncheck “Notify”, the message will appear in the News screen of the app but will not be sent out as a notification:

Screenshot - Notification Option

The new “Scheduled For” date/time works for those messages too. The message will not appear in the News screen of the app (and/or on your Digital Signage, if you are using that) until the date/time you specify.