Twitter is a great tool for education, but not every student and parent will want to check Twitter regularly. And while there are many advantages to Twitter, there is also the fact that your posts may be lost in the noise of hundreds of messages.

With Appazur, keep Tweeting! But now, for students in your classes, your messages will also appear in the school’s app as well. They’ll find your messages alongside notifications from the school and their other teachers.

Advanced: One Twitter Account, Multiple Classes

We’ve implemented a suggestion from Ms. Trujillo at Frank Hurt Secondary. If you’d like to have only certain tweets to go a particular class, you can now use hashtags! For example, if your Twitter name is @superteacher, you can set up 2 classes like this:

Art 11: news source: “Twitter”, “@superteacher#art11”

Art 12: news source: “Twitter”, “@superteacher#art12”

Dashboard Twitter News Source

Now, you can Tweet like this:

“News for #art11 students”

“News for #art12 students”

“News for all my art students #art11 #art12”

“This Tweet won’t show up in the app!”


Mr. Koutsonikas uses Twitter with his Geography 12 class at Frank Hurt Secondary School. Here is one of his Tweets:


And here is how it appears in the news feed of the FH Sting app for his Geography 12 students. Note: Clicking the arrow to the right to show the original tweet and image.

Tweets in the app