Custom School Apps

Best-in-class branded iPhone & Android apps for school-to-home communication, integrated with your website, social media, SIS, digital signage and more.

Several App 5.0 Screenshots

April 11, 2022: We’re excited to announce our new app version 5.0, with completely redesigned navigation to make it even more convenient, attractive, and easy to use for your community! We’ve made everything accessible from the main screen of the app, with tabs for the most commonly accessed screens (Messages, Calendar, Schools/Classes, Groups), and icons for other features. There is a new streamlined Sign In screen and lots of other improvements too.

Since 2013, Appazur Solutions Inc. has been providing school districts and schools with best-in-class branded iOS, Android, and web-based Parent Communication/Student Planner apps.

Appazur offers a choice of our branded and customized iOS and Android app, or our unbranded School Connection™ app. District or school branding drives exceptional levels of usage, and ensures that important messages actually get read. You have the flexibility to customize the app to meet your district’s communication needs. Parents will have district and school information at their fingertips wherever they are.

All of our services are advertising-free.

App Dashboard

The powerful backend App Dashboard will let you send messages, and update calendars, documents, bell schedules and all other app content. Communicate with your district, or just a school, grade, class, parent group, or extra-curricular group at any time. Teachers can schedule messages ahead of time, or have a 2-way conversation with a parent without giving out their phone number. Connect your website, social media, SchoolMessenger, or email newsletter and get the word out to every parent and student with a single post.

Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

An app is a great fit for schools using Google for Education, and both students and teachers can sign in with their Google credentials. Likewise, it also works with Microsoft Office 365 and AzureAD accounts.

Our Process

We’ll work closely with you through the three parts of launching your own custom school or school district app. All three of these processes can happen concurrently.

Although it won’t take much of your time, we recommend allowing 2-3 weeks for the process to allow time for making decisions and setting up app content.

We welcome you to get started today!

PART 1 - App Development

Please complete our Sign Up Form so that we can get started on your app. Please upload the highest quality copy of your school logo that you have available.

See App Features below for some of the optional capabilities you can choose from.

PART 2 - Apple Developer Program

School districts must have their own Apple Developer Program Membership in order to get their apps published in the public App Store. If your district does not already have a membership, follow this link for instructions:

PART 3 - App Content

We will send you instructions for this.

App Features

Choose from the following app capabilities to meet the needs of your school community.

App users subscribe to receive notifications they want and how they want to receive them. Complete record-keeping for all communications.

Create as many groups/classes (e.g. parent, club, athletics, staff, etc.) as you need so you can communicate quickly and easily with those groups.

• Admins can direct message any app user and staff and allow replies • Staff can direct message subscribers (parents/students) of their assigned groups • App users can message staff who use the app.

Whether you use Google Calendar or other online calendar, app users will see all the events relevant to them, based on their subscription choices.

Facebook, Twitter, website posts, and even email newsletters can automatically feed into the app. App users will be notified of messages that apply to them based on the schools, classes, or other groups that they have subscribed to.

Staff information and teacher pages from in the app, as well as staff App Dashboard access levels, can be synced to your SIS.

The Digital Hall Pass is a streamlined system that’s easy for teachers, eliminates paper notes, and includes reporting capability.

Students and staff can sign into the app using an existing school district account, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 / AzureAD. (Both OAuth2 and SAML are supported).

Keep your school community in sync. The app can handle any complexity of rotating block schedules. Every day’s block/period sequence will be clearly shown in your school app.

App users (staff, students and/or the community) may take and submit photos and videos via the app for the app news feed. The media and posting will be routed to an admin for approval before posting.

Teachers can communicate with their class or individual students and parents, optionally with 2-way messaging.

App users will see their personalized schedule every day based on the classes that they (or their children) are enrolled in.

If preferred, the app can be used anonymously with no user account required.

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