Digital Signage

The only Digital Signage solution with school/campus mobile app integration and daily block order, designed specifically for schools, and school district IT teams.

Digital Signage

With the low cost of today’s flat screen monitors and televisions, fast Internet access and the broad range of low cost online digital signage services, getting digital signage set up in your building(s) is now easier than ever.

Why choose Appazur Digital Signage?

  • Eliminate duplicate effort by your administrators, with our unified Dashboard.
  • Use district-managed ChromeOS or Windows devices.
  • Update content instantly from any web browser anywhere.
  • Students can upload slides (e.g. club promotions) for approval.
  • Direct content to specific screens.

Using the unified web-based Appazur Dashboard from any computer or mobile device, you can upload any content you like, link to a media server or YouTube, create or edit your screens, and manage your displays.

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Flat Screen (TV) Display

Be sure to choose an HDTV display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and HDMI inputs. Most screens sold today meet those criteria.

Connectivity (Video or Data)

In the past, digital signage has involved running video cable and setting up a video distribution amplifiers It is very expensive to run video cable, and if you provide the same video feed to every screen, you obviously will not have the flexibility to show different content depending on location (e.g. front entrance, cafeteria). Today, the preferred approach is to use your Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi Internet data network. This means that a computer, called a media player must be co-located at the display monitor.

If you have already run video cable, you can continue to use it. Your existing Windows PC can be used as a media player, or you can replace a bulky computer with a compact media player that is managed remotely.

Using your computer network to link your Digital Signage:

  • eliminates the need for video distribution and cable infrastructure,
  • leverages your Wi-Fi investment,
  • lets staff update content instantly from any web browser anywhere, and
  • allows you to direct content to specific screens.

Media Player

Appazur recommends ChromeOS Chromebox devices for Digital Signage. We also support customer-managed Windows devices, but ChromeOS devices boot much faster, and require less maintenance. ChromeOS devices require ChromeOS management licenses, which are discounted for non-profit education.


ChromeOS Devices work with the Chrome Management Console, but to make things easier, we have integrated some Chrome Management functions right into your App Dashboard!

Appazur-ready ChromeOS devices can be purchased from major computer hardware suppliers that are likely already on your approved vendors list, including:

  Better Value Better Performance
Acer Chromebox CXI3 Celeron model I3 model
ASUS Chromebox 3 CN65 Model N017U Celeron Model N018U - i3
AOpen Chromebox Commercial 2    

AOpen Chromebox Commercial