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Promoting Your App

Information Sheet/Flyer for Parents/Students

We've created a customized information sheet to help you promote your app to students and parents! It explains key features of the app, and how to get started.

You can share this PDF link, or print it on an 8.5x11 page:


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QR Code for Printed Materials

Many parents and students know how to take a picture of a QR Code to find information online. We‘ve made you a custom QR Code that will take users straight to their app store:

QR Code

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App Announcement

Here's some sample text that you can use in your newsletter to communicate to students, parents, and teachers about your new app.

We are excited to launch our highly anticipated school app! The “Sunnycrest High” App will keep students, parents, and staff connected, engaged, and on track for success.

The app can replace the old paper planners/agendas, and contains school news, calendars, class & extra-curricular updates, and other school information. You'll receive notifications from the school (e.g. snow days), and from the classes, teams, parent groups, etc. that you subscribe to.

The app works wherever you go - on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. You can receive notifications on your Chromebook or using a computer's web browser. If you don't have a smartphone, sign up for text messages and/or email notifications at: https://sunnycrest.appazur.com.

Get started with the “Sunnycrest High” App! Either search for “Sunnycrest High” in the App Store, or use the Google Play or App Store links at: https://sunnycrest.appazur.com.

Learn more at: https://sunnycrest.appazur.com/help/flyer.

Our “Sunnycrest High” school app is provided by Appazur™ Solutions Inc., a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.

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Digital Signage

If you have indoor digital signage, that is a great place to promote your app, and we have already designed a custom slide for you!

If you have Appazur Digital Signage, just add a Slide, and choose the "App Promotion" option.

Otherwise, if your Digital Signage can display any web link, use the following link:


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