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Introduction for School Administrators

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This document is for School District apps. If you have an app that is specific for your school, your app works a bit differently, and parents do not need to subscribe to your school.

Your school district's mobile app provides students & parents with a single place to find everything to do with the school(s) and their extra-curricular school activities! (Optionally, your app may include 2-way teacher communication, and classroom communications too.) With push notifications directly to their smartphones, branded with the school logo, messages actually get read and parent & student engagement improves. And you can reach everyone regardless of their access to technology, thanks to options for text messages or email.

It's designed to make your work easier! Continue using the online tools you do today. Send messages or update the app from anywhere, using your mobile device or desktop. Schedule messages ahead of of time. Built-in translation lets you communicate with parents in their preferred language.

It’s easy to get started because your school district administration has set up a staff account for you.

Parent Contacts

If your district has opted in to our Mass Notification option, all your parent contacts will be synced up with your SIS.

If not, parents must sign in and subscribe to messages from your school. In that case, to receive your messages and view other information you share, ask your school community to subscribe to your school in the app.

If they haven't already, parents should visit:

to learn how to get the app for their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone or tablet.

If they don't have a smartphone or tablet, they can access sunnycrest.appazur.com from any computer or Chromebook. Once they have signed in, they can opt in to email or SMS text message notifications. Parents can update their own contact information.

There is also an option to allow push notifications in their web browser.

Try Your App Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you'll send messages and share other information with your school. You can access it from the app or in your desktop web browser.

App (iOS/Android)

Tap Sign In, and sign in with your school district Google credentials.

Once you are signed in to the app, you should see the Dashboard icon in the top right (see screenshot). If you do not see the Dashboard icon, ask your app administrator to ensure you are included in the staff accounts.



In your web browser, visit: sunnycrest.appazur.com/dashboard.

On the Sign In screen, enter your school district Google email address, and click Next. Then follow the prompts to sign in with your school district Google credentials.

You'll want to bookmark this page for future use.

App Web Page

Do any of your students or parents not have an Android or iOS smartphone? Or would students like to access the app on their Chromebook (without Google Play support)? This page allows anyone to sign up for email or SMS text message notifications, or even get notifications in their desktop or ChromeOS web browser. You can also see all of the app content here.

In your web browser, visit: sunnycrest.appazur.com.

Sign in (just as in the Dashboard instructions above). You'll be prompted to go to the Dashboard if you sign in with an active staff account.

Send a Message

Try sending a message to your school community. From the Dashboard's Home page, find the Messages menu, and click Add. (Alternatively, click Messages, and you'll find an ADD button in the top right.)

Then, choose Message to School/Group and click Continue:

Then enter the message. By default, it's just a simple plain text box, but to get a subject line and formatting, click FORMATTING:

and towards the bottom of the page, pick your school:

(If your school is not listed here, ask an app administrator to add you under Permissions for that school.)

Finally, click Send.

Learn about all the other options like scheduling and translation: Dashboard Guide - Messages



If you add your important school dates and events to the app, students & parents will see them listed all in one place along with district-wide events.

Learn more: Dashboard Guide - Calendar

Links and Information

You can link or upload all the required documents and websites for your school to make it easy for students & parents to find all the information you need. School information is shown in two places in the app, so please read more about this in your Dashboard Guide:

Learn more: Dashboard Guide - Schools

The Dashboard can also help you make your documents easy to read on a small phone screen:

Learn more: Dashboard Guide - Documents

What's Next?

Remember, your staff can also share information via app to students and parents who opt in based on their interests, e.g. for late bus notifications, field trips, clubs, teams, and other extracurricular activities.

Documentation & Support

From the Dashboard's Home page, find the Help and Support section. Here you will find the Dashboard Guide, and a Contact Support link if you need phone or online assistance.

Student Privacy

Appazur™ Solutions Inc. is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.

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