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You can create a form with your favourite forms tool, like Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, etc., or Appazur Forms, and sent it as a Message.

Appazur™ Forms

With Appazur Forms, your users will already be signed in when they open the message in the app, so they won't need to sign in or enter their name into the form. Appazur Forms are a simple, lightweight solution that is fast and responsive in your app to make it quick and easy for users to submit responses.

Appazur Forms can also be sent to staff, students, or parents via email and SMS with a short URL, and you can use a QR code to make the form available to anyone, even school office visitors or teachers on call.

Add a Form

You'll now be on the form design page, explained in the next section.

Edit an Existing Form







Get the Link (URL) for the Form

QR Code

This is useful for when posting a paper notice, for example instructing staff to complete a form.

Form Submissions Report

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