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Parent Accounts

The "Sunnycrest High" App currently does not have the optional Access Code feature.

App Configuration Options

There are three options for how parent accounts may be handled in your app:

Option: Unrestricted

Anyone may sign up for an account and subscribe to classes and groups.

You can also manually add an account on behalf of a parent by using the Sign Up screen of the app.

Option: Access Codes

The Sign Up screen of the app will require an access code. Users cannot subscribe to Classes, Groups, or Schools without signing up. Access code options:

  1. Master Access Code
  2. Unique per-parent access codes distributed automatically via student accounts.

Configuring the Master Access Code

From the Dashboard home page, go to the Advanced tab and choose Configuration:


then expand the Operational Settings section and look for Master Access Code:

Master Access Code

Option: Mass Notification

In this case, parent accounts are created for the app based on your Student Information System (SIS) student contacts.

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