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Staff Groups

Default Staff Group (All Staff)

Your app includes a default staff group, typically called Staff, and all staff will be automatically subscribed to it.

Staff cannot unsubscribe themselves. To exclude a staff member from this group, for example if they are a volunteer coach who has been given Dashboard access, edit the user, expand the PERMISSIONS section, and uncheck Subscribe to Staff Group(s)?.

To set up a private staff calendar, chose Staff in the For field when you add the Calendar.

Sending Messages to Staff

To send a Message to all staff, use Message to Class/Group, and choose the Staff group.

You can optionally include staff who have NOT installed the app or opted in to email or SMS text messaging. Under Notification Options, if you set Mass Notification to Email, staff who do NOT have the app will get an email:

If you only want to contact staff who have used the app, choose (App Only) instead of Email in that field.

You can also choose other staff groups (see below), or use Message to Staff User for one or more individual recipients.

Other Staff Groups

When you set a Group's category to Staff Only, it is only visible to Staff and can only be subscribed to by staff. You can have any number of Staff Only groups, and they will appear on the Groups tab of the app.

Staff can either opt-in (subscribe on the app's Groups tab), or you can choose the subscribers. To do so, edit the Group in the Dashboard, and click the Subscribers button (top right).

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