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Apple Developer Program


Organizations such as school districts should have their own Apple Developer Program Membership in order to have their own apps published in the public App Store. This is because Apple’s App Review Guidelines require that apps be submitted by the provider of the app’s content. If the app content and the app developer do not match, Apple may refuse to publish the app. With your own free* Apple Developer Program Membership, your app will be listed with your school district as the "Seller", which is great for assuring parents and students that they are downloading the correct software.

Visit our website for instructions for signing up for an Apple Developer Program membership.

* The Apple Developer Program is free for non-profit educational organizations in the USA, Canada, and certain other countries.

Your Responsibilities

Appazur will publish your apps for you and take care of all the technical responsibilities. Once your app is published, the only things you should need to do are the legal and financial requirements:

Plan Ahead for Staff Turnover

Only one Apple ID can have the Account Holder role. If that employee leaves your organization, you may lose the ability to manage your account and keep your app active. Consider:

Refer to the following section: Transfer the Account Holder Role.

Transfer the Account Holder Role

To initiate the transfer of your Account Holder role to someone else, first ensure that the new person has an Apple ID that meets the prerequisites.

Then, sign in to your account on the Apple Developer website and follow these steps:

  1. Go to App Store Connect, then Users and Access.
  2. Click "+" and add the new user. The email address must match their Apple ID. For Roles, select Admin.
  3. Return to https://developer.apple.com/account.
  4. Click the Membership details tab.
  5. At the bottom of the section, click Update your information.
  6. Click Transfer Your Account Holder Role.
  7. In the dialog that appears, select the name from the Transfer to pull-down menu, then click Continue.
  8. Read the Account Holder Transferor Agreement, select the checkbox, then click I Agree.

The new Account Holder will receive an email notification and must follow the instructions provided there to complete the process. They'll need to verify their identity using the Apple Developer app.

Note: Apple's latest instructions for this process are available at: https://developer.apple.com/support/account-holder-transfer/.

Accepting App Transfer

If you're an existing customer and you now have your own Apple Developer Program Membership, the next step is to accept the transfer of your school app(s) into your school district Apple Developer Account. This involves submitting a simple form.

Accepting the Transfer

You should see this prompt when you sign in to App Store Connect. You can accept the transfer(s) on the Agreements, Tax, & Banking page.

Apple Prompt Screenshot

There are 3 sections to fill in:

New App Metadata

Enter the following:

Accept Transfer - Screenshot

App Review Contact Information


App Store Contact Information

Uncheck the option regarding the Korean App Store.

This information is not published in the App Store listing. You may be able to leave some of these fields blank:

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