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Connect your Website (RSS)


If you have a website, blog, or Sharepoint site with a news feed capability (i.e. RSS or Atom), you can have your posts automatically appear in the app's Messages screen, and optionally go out as notifications. You can also connect SchoolMessenger or other messaging systems this way as well.

To add a Connection for Messages to All, go to Home Tab. To add a Connection for a particular Class or Group, edit the Class or Group.

  1. Scroll down to Connections .
  2. Click Add another Connection.
  3. Select RSS in the Source column.
  4. Paste the URL of your website* (or the RSS URL if you know it) into the Account Identifier field.
  5. In the Notify? column, you may choose Yes for normal notifications, Yes (Urgent / Sound), or No (Just show on Messages screen). Without notifications, users will see your posts in the Messages screen of the app, but they will not get push notifications, emails, or text messages.
  6. Click Save, and follow the instructions that appear.


*The system should automatically discover the direct link to your news feed for the web page you provide. If that doesn't work for you, paste in the link to your RSS feed. Your website may have an RSS icon with a link, or you can try adding /feed/ to the end of the URL. (This may be needed for Weebly blogs, for example.)



Some websites also use RSS to share calendars. Please contact Appazur support if you wish to use such a calendar with Appazur.

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