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Integrate with SchoolMessenger

Appazur connects with SchoolMessenger* using RSS. It's easy to set up this integration, and as a result you will reach more students and parents when you create a post in SchoolMessenger. There are three steps, as follows:

1. Add a SchoolMessenger Feed Category

When you create a message in SchoolMessenger, you'll need to label it with a Feed Category. That will determine which RSS feed it will appear in, and therefore how it is sent via your Appazur app.

Your Feed Categories should match your Groups in your App Dashboard, if applicable. For example, a school district may have a category for district-wide messages, and one for each school:

If you have already have Feed Categories like this, you can use those existing categories. You can see your Feed Categories in SchoolMessenger by navigating to:

Admin > Settings > Feed Categories


To add a new Feed Category, click Add New Category. Enter a meaningful name for the Feed Category, for example "District-Wide". Click Save when you are done.

2. Create an RSS Feed URL

Now that you have the Feed Categories, create an RSS feed for each one. In SchoolMessenger, navigate to:

Broadcasts > Posts

and click on the Generate Feed URL/Widget button at the top of the My Posts window.

To keep things simple, choose just one Feed Category for the feed. You can leave the default values for "Items to display" and "Max age".

Then click Next to see the URL for your RSS Feed. Copy this URL to the clipboard for use in the next step. You can stop here (no need to click Next).

3. Connect to Appazur

Once you have set up your SchoolMessenger* RSS feeds as described above, add them to the App Dashboard following these instructions: Website/RSS.


*SchoolMessenger is a trademark of Intrado Corporation, and is not affiliated with Appazur Solutions Inc.

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