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Connect Social Media

You can connect your social media accounts so that when you send a Message from the Dashboard, the message will also be posted to social media. Alternatively, you can configure the system so that when you post to social media, your post will also appear in the app as a Message and optionally be sent to app users as a notification,

App to Twitter

You can add a Message in the Dashboard, and have it post it to Twitter automatically. To set this up, add App to Twitter under Connections for the Home tab for your Class/Group.

Ensure the Post to Social Media checkbox is checked when creating a Message. (Note: Don't worry about exceeding Twitter's 280 character limit, because the post will link to your full message.)

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App to Facebook

You can add a Message in the Dashboard, and have it post it to Facebook automatically. To set this up, add App to Facebook under Connections for the Home tab for your Class/Group.

Ensure the Post to Social Media checkbox is checked when creating a Message.

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Facebook to App

You can set up your class, group, or school so that users will see your Facebook posts in their app's Messages screen, and optionally they'll receive push notifications for new posts. (Or, if you are interested in sharing Facebook Events on your app calendar, please contact support.)

To add a Connection for Messages to All, go to Home Tab. To add a Connection for a particular Class or Group, edit the Class or Group.

  1. Scroll down to Connections .
  2. Click Add another Connection.
  3. Select Facebook to App in the Connection column, and follow the instructions in the popup window that appears (see details). If you do not see a popup window, turn off your browser's popup blocker. If the Continue with Facebook button does not appear, your school district may be blocking or throttling Facebook access on your local network. In that case, you could use your mobile data connection or home network.
  4. In the Notify column, you may choose Yes, Yes (silent), or No. If No is selected, users will see your posts in the Messages screen of the app, but they will not receive notifications.
  5. To complete the process and save your changes, click Save.

To see the status of the Facebook connection, return to Dashboard Home and click Connections . If it says PENDING, wait a few minutes and refresh the page.

Please allow 20.0 minutes for your latest messages to appear in the app. New (current) Facebook posts will go out as notifications if Notify is set. To see posts from your Facebook page, return to Dashboard Home and click Messages to Class/Group. Click the ID of one of your Facebook messages, if listed. Then, click View on Site to view the message as it will be shown in to app users.

Facebook authorization expires after 60 days! To ensure your Facebook connection keeps working, be sure to stay signed in to Facebook in the same browser that you use for the Dashboard, and be sure to view the Dashboard Home page regularly (at least every 60 days). If the authorization expires, we'll notify you using the email address associated with your Facebook account.

Detailed Steps:

Here is step 3 above, in more detail:

  1. A pop-up window should appear, titled Facebook Connection.
  2. If you are not already signed in to Facebook: In the pop-up window, click Continue with Facebook, and sign in to Facebook. Otherwise, continue to the next step.
  3. Click Continue as .
  4. Under Page Administrator, you should see your name (there is no need to select or deselect this). Under the Facebook Page heading, make sure the correct Facebook Page for your organization is selected (choose only one, if you have more than one), and click Continue.
  5. If prompted with, “What is Appazur App Sync allowed to do?”, ensure Yes is selected for all permissions listed, and then click Done.
  6. The popup should have closed automatically. In the Name column (in the row where you selected Facebook), you should now see the name of your Facebook Page.

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There are several options:

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Link to Social Media

See Links for general instructions.


Typically, you'll add a link on the Home tab called Facebook. If you're sure you want to use Facebook as the main way to communicate with your community, it is possible for us to move this to the main menu for you.

Instead of just linking to Facebook normally, use a link like this:


Where ###### is the page name or number. With that link, you'll see a well-formatted list of posts in the app:



Note: use the URL in the form https://twitter.com/... in order for the app to work seamlessly with the Twitter app.

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