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Home Tab

Links and Documents can be added to the Home Tab of your app, or to the screens for each Class and Group.

When you edit the Home Tab, and the Class/Group pages, the information is organized as follows:


The Home Tab also features "headline" text to the right of the logo. This text is picked from your app content automatically, in this order of priority:

  1. Today's entry in the block order calendar (if applicable).
  2. A very recent message for which "Urgent" was selected.
  3. The next event in the school calendar(s).
  4. Local weather forecast.
  5. If none of the above are available: "No upcoming events."


Enter the name of your school or district in the Organization Name field.

The Notification Label field is optional. It is used in messages, and is limited to 16 characters.

Links and Documents

You'll need to input the following information

External URL

You can link to a web page, online video, app, and more.

Copy and paste the link from your browser's address bar. You must include the https:// portion of the link.

If you leave the Needs webpage navigation? option as Default, the app will decide automatically how to open the link. Alternatively, you can choose one of these options:


You can upload an image, PDF file, audio file, or video.

Read our advice regarding PDF files and documents: Documents


You can create a document here. If the content already exists in a Word document, you can copy and paste into the Editor. Then, check for any formatting issues.


Enter a phone number. The app will use this to initiate a call when the link is tapped. Do not include any spaces. Do not include an extension or any other text. e.g. (888)277-5705, +18882775705, or 888-277-5705.

We recommend entering the phone number in the Subtitle field as well, so that the user can see this information.


Enter a valid email address. The app will launch the email app when this is tapped.

We recommend entering the email address in the Subtitle field as well, so that the user can see this information.


If you have lots of links, you can organize them into submenus. For example, you could use a submenu for a Student Handbook with multiple sections, or for multiple programs or schools.

After you add a Submenu link and click Save, an Edit button will appear so you can create additional links under the new submenu.

More information:

Advanced Link Types

You may need to contact Support for assistance with these.


District apps often have a Schools submenu. Please contact Appazur Support for assistance with this special submenu.

Staff Contacts

Starting with app version 5.0, Staff Contacts is a submenu in the app. Please contact Appazur Support for assistance with this special submenu.

Map / Directions

Most apps have a Map / Directions link for the school(s), which is a link to Google Maps.

Add your maps link using the External URL option described above.

Custom Forms and Surveys

You may want to add forms such as Permission, Enrollment, Signup, etc. Any mobile-friendly web forms can be integrated with the app, such as Appazur Forms, Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or SurveyMonkey.

With Appazur Forms, your users will already be signed in when they open the message in the app, so they won't need to sign in or enter their name into the form. Appazur Forms are a simple, lightweight solution that is fast and responsive in your app to make it quick and easy for users to submit responses.

Add your form using the External URL option described above.

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If you are currently sharing information via email, social media, or a website, you may be able to link that to the app, and your emails or posts can automatically go out as app notifications as well.

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