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Student Handbook

To edit the Student Handbook, go to Content > Home tab and look for your Student Handbook submenu.

Many schools have a Student Handbook that includes a Code of Conduct, IT policy, emergency and other important information.

You could simply link to this document on your website, or upload it as a PDF or document file, but there is a better alternative. MS Office files, and many PDF files, are impractical to view on a user's phone. Read more about this on the Documents page.

Instead, we recommend that you split your student handbook into a menu of sections for easy access. On the Home Tab page of the Dashboard, add a Link and choose Submenu. Edit the submenu and create the sections of the your student handbook.

For each section you add or edit, choose Editor, and you'll see a familiar-looking editor.

Copy and paste the content of the section from your original document (such as Microsoft Word or Publisher). Then, please check it over as there may be formatting issues or you may want to organize things differently.

For more information, instructions, and tips for working with the Editor see the Editor Guide.

You can make changes at any time and they will take effect for all your app users the next time they open the app.

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