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Using with Google Workspace for Education

If your school district uses Google Workspace for Education, these additional steps should be taken when you launch your Appazur mobile app:

Also, consider these possible integrations:

Test Google Single Sign On (SSO)

An optional school app feature is Google Workspace for Education sign in. This allows staff and/or students to sign in using their usual district credentials instead of having to set a password for the app. Appazur does not access any personal information other than name and email address, and requests only the minimal permissions to do so.


Please be sure to test the option to sign in using school district Google credentials. If students and staff are on different email domains, please be sure to test both a student and a staff sign in.

Potential Issues

If staff or students are unable to sign in using Google, it is often due to a district Google Workspace policy option. A workaround is to sign in like a parent and set an app password.

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Add Trusted Application

Google enables Google Workspace for Education administrators to restrict which applications users can access with their Google accounts. These restrictions may apply to all users, or to users designated as under 18.

To ensure that students and staff will be able to install and sign in to the app from their personal and/or district-provided devices, you may need to register the app as a "Trusted Application".

The app requests only the minimum permissions to access the user's basic profile information (name and email address), and does not access other Google services on behalf of the user.

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