Daily Health Check

Keep your school community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, with daily health check reminders and forms, for staff and/or families.

In British Columbia, Canada, all school employees were required to actively confirm with their employer every day that they had reviewed the complete list of health check questions. Since not every staff member at a school checks their email or a staff web portal first thing every morning, daily email reminders and intranet links were not found to be sufficient. To drive a high level of compliance and to make the process very quick and efficient for staff, many schools chose recurring app push notifications and Appazur Forms for this purpose.

Daily Reminder Notifications

Some advantages of using an Appazur school app (or School Connection) instead of just a daily email are:

  1. You do not have to rely on staff checking their email first thing in the morning. They can simply tap the notification on their phone, taking them directly to your Staff Health Check form.

  2. Staff won’t need to type in their name each time. We’ll help you design a form that won’t frustrate staff with unnecessary steps.

  3. The reminder notification is automatic, early every weekday morning. You do not need to have a staff member initiate the message each day.

  4. Staff can also opt-in to SMS text messages to get the reminder on any cell phone.

Appazur can automatically email any staff who do not have the app, so this solution works for everyone.

Microsoft, Google, or Appazur Forms

The reminder notifications can work with your favourite forms tool, like Microsoft or Google Forms. With the NEW Appazur Forms feature, forms load even faster and no additional sign in step is required.

Appazur Forms include a short URL and a QR code so they are accessible to everyone. For example, you can post a QR Code in the office, useful for on-call teachers and visitors.

Contact us today for help with keeping your community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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