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Staff Accounts


This page includes instructions for adding, updating and importing staff accounts, as well as accounts for Other Adults & Student Leaders.

Teacher Dashboard Access

If your Appazur service does not include Teacher Dashboard Access, teachers will still have Instructor-level access to simple view of the Dashboard with no available functionality other than app and support links and My Staff Account.

Single Sign On (SSO)

With this option, staff (and optionally, students) can sign in with their district credentials so they don’t need a password just for the app & App Dashboard.

You must still set up staff accounts as described on this page. Staff signing in via SSO will only be recognized as staff if there email address is listed as an active staff account in the Dashboard.

Options are:

Add Staff Account

If you have Administrator Access, you can add staff accounts:

From the App Dashboard Home page:

Now they have an account!

To complete the set up:


Choose the appropriate permissions level. By default, new staff accounts will have the permissions level: Instructor Access.

Other Non-Staff Users and Student Leaders

App Dashboard access is intended for staff and should only be granted to trusted people. Also, staff accounts may have access to any staff-only calendars or messages. Also, existing student or parent accounts should not be upgraded to Staff Accounts, as they would no longer be considered a student or parent in the system.

To allow specific non-staff users or student leaders, such as club organizers, to post content to the app:

STEP 1 - Add staff accounts (non-staff person or student leader):

Now they have an account! To complete the set up:

Other Staff

STEP 2 - Sign In to the App Dashboard as a non-staff person or student leader:

Revoke Staff Dashboard Access (Disable Staff Account)

From the App Dashboard Home page:

Revoke Access

You can also do this by editing a staff account, and changing Account Status (under Permissions) to Account Disabled.

Disabled accounts will not be listed in the Staff Directory. You can also remove staff from the Staff Directory by setting the Staff Directory Category to blank.

Import Staff Accounts

The Staff screen in the Dashboard is used both to grant staff access to the Dashboard, and to build the Staff Contacts/Directory screen of the app.

In advance of the start of each school year, as an alternative to manually adding and updating your staff in the Dashboard, you can export your staff list to CSV from your Student Information System or Excel.

Any teacher accounts that existed in the past year but are not listed in this file will be automatically disabled. This takes care of teachers who have left the school.

If you have one of these Student Information Systems, follow the link:

Otherwise, the CSV file should have the following column headings. Please note that these are case-sensitive. Column headings in bold are required; the others are optional.

From the Dashboard Home page, click Staff (on the Accounts tab) and then the Import button (in the upper right corner). Next click Add Import Data, choose your CSV file, then click Save to start a dry-run of your import. When the dry-run import completes, review any warnings in the report, and if there are no problems, click Import.

* If you have a Staff Contacts menu in your app, your staff will not be listed unless you specify a Title and/or Category. The Title (e.g. "Superintendent") will be shown in the staff list under the name to help users find the right contact. Category is used to group staff under subheadings like Administration, Teachers, Support, and Counseling. If you omit Category but provide Title, we may categorize your staff automatically. Otherwise, if the Category is blank, the staff member will not be publicly listed (but may have Dashboard access).

Change Instructor for Class

If the instructor for a class has changed:

Staff Moving Between District Schools

If a staff member is moving from another school with an Appazur app, and their email address will remain the same, you will get an error when you try to add their account if their existing account has not yet been disabled.

This is easily resolved if the staff member no longer needs access to their previous school's App Dashboard. Attempt to Add Staff normally, and after clicking Save, you'll be given an option to move the account to your school. An explanatory email will automatically be sent to the staff member.

Alternatively, you can ask the staff member's previous school to disable the account first:

Action Menu

Staff at Multiple District Schools

If you have a staff member who also works at another school with an Appazur app, and they use the same email account for both, you will get an error when you try to add their account in your Dashboard.

However, after clicking Save and seeing this error, simply choose the appropriate option that appears and click Save again. An explanatory email will automatically be sent to the staff member.

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